Anthem of the Sun.  Revolutionary!  There’s still not an album like it.  Recorded in the studio September-December of 1967 and layered with live tracks from late ‘67 through February of 1968, you can be hearing up to about five separate performances at any given time.  ”We mixed it for the hallucinations,” said Jer, and I dare say they succeeded.  They didn’t necessarily think so though; they remixed it in 1971 (the white cover).  But unlike Aoxomoxoa, it’s the original mix that’s easier to find and it’s what you hear on the CD.  The remix was done by Mickey and it’s not terribly different, but there are subtle changes for sure and if you’re used to the original it’ll make your ears prick up at certain points.  Check it for yourself here for comparison, then go back and realize that indeed the original is the superior mix.  Anyway.  No matter which mix you’re hearing, it’s a head trip!

Amazing cover art by Bill Walker.